How ANC municipality almost stopped fibre broadband rollout

value= The Supreme Court of Appeal recently ruled in favour of Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) in a case involving the roll out of fibre in the Msunduzi Municipality, also known as Pietermaritzburg. The importance of this ruling for broadband in South Africa is considerable. To grasp why this case is so essential, it is needed to look back at what took place over the last two years. In 2012 DFA submitted wayleave applications to the Msunduzi Municipality to roll out a fibre network in Pietermaritzburg. The applications were never approved. DFA CEO Gustav Smit explained that they tried to work with the municipality, but “after months and months” they had no choice but to start construction. In November 2013, DFA started construction of its fibre network in Pietermaritzburg with no wayleave approvals. This was attainable because of the rights given to DFA in section 22 of the ECA (Electronic Communications Act) as an electronic communications network licensee: An electronic communications network service licensee could – (a) enter upon any land, such as any street, road, footpath or land reserved for public purposes, any railway and any waterway of the Republic. (b) construct & sustain an electronic communications network or electronic communications facilities upon, under, over, along or across any land, including any street, road, footpath or land reserved for public purposes, any railway & any waterway of the Republic. “We will persist with everything else, although if they do not need to sign off a wayleave we were going to use the rights afforded to us to create our networks,” mentioned Smit. The Msunduzi Municipality was not happy, and confiscated DFA & DFA’s contractor’s equipment used for the fibre network rollout. MyBroadband asked the Msunduzi Municipality why it did not supply DFA with wayleave permissions in a timely manner. It mentioned that “the sheer quantity of applications received from service providers, which includes those exercising their rights in terms of Section 22 of the ECA, meant that the municipality had to introduce a policy framework to protect the existing infrastructure & others affected by the intended wayleaves”. First legal battle The Msunduzi Municipality applied for a restraint to cease DFA from conducting construction work on municipal property. In April 2014 the High Court in Pietermaritzburg dismissed this application with expenditures. The judgement highlighted some fascinating details. The court papers included an August 2013 circular from the Msunduzi Municipality which stated that “all wayleaves issued since the very first January 2013 are null and void & must be terminated with immediate effect”. Based on the judgement it was “obvious that such [wayleaves] enables … would in all likelihood not have been granted”. With this favourable ruling DFA was allowed to continue trenching, however this was not the end of the story. The Msunduzi Municipality appealed the ruling in the Supreme Court of Appeal. 2nd legal battle On 1 October 2014 the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) dismissed the municipality’s appeal. The SCA held that licensees below the Electronic Communications Act do not demand permission from a neighborhood authority to exercise their rights under section 22 of the ECA. “In this case the municipality had not made out any case that DFA had failed to meet laws, practices, and process applicable in the construction underway,” the SCA ruled. The court further said that the Msunduzi Municipality had “repeatedly refused to cooperate with DFA for approval of the plan of construction, which includes agreement on conditions on which construction would proceed”. Why this was valuable By winning the two legal battles, DFA paved the way for fibre network operators to be in a position to roll out networks without having to manage feasible difficulties at a municipal level. “This ruling isn’t only a win for Dark Fibre Africa, although for the business as a whole,” mentioned DFA’s Tshego Distshego. “We hope that it will enable more helpful engagement between telecoms operators plus the a variety of municipalities across South Africa in future.” What need to be of concern to everyone is that DFA was rolling out this network for an ANC government department to link up universities. The Msunduzi Municipality was for that reason attempting to quit DFA from rolling out a government & educational network, which would have directly benefited businesses in its municipal location. DFA CEO Gustav Smit explained the circumstance as follows: “If we were not allowed in the city, no 1 else would have actually been allowed in the city either. This shows that Pietermaritzburg would never have fibre”. What was behind this legal battle? 1 of the doable factors for the Msunduzi Municipality’s opposition to DFA’s fibre rollout is that the municipality may have wanted to improve its own fibre network. Although, this may have left the municipality with only one fibre network. “As an industry we don’t want only one player in any city or town, because it is not outstanding for the business at all,” mentioned Smit. MyBroadband asked the Msunduzi Municipality whether it had plans to roll out its own fibre network, & whether this was the reason for its legal action against DFA. The municipality did not say whether it had plans to roll out its own fibre network in the city. Instead, it stated that the reason for the legal battle was thanks to the manner in which DFA proceeded to exercise its rights in terms of Section 22 of the Electronic Communications Act. “Section 22 has huge implications for all land owners. While the economic interests of the country are acknowledged, the rights of affected persons ought to not be negated in the exercise of the Section 22 rights,” the municipality stated. MyBroadband also asked the municipality whether it will not think it’s useful that DFA roll out fibre in the area. The Msunduzi Municipality agreed that “the roll-out of fibre-optic networks by any service provider in a properly controlled manner is useful to the City plus the country”. “In doing so, but, such service providers must have suitable regard to the interest of all land owners, other service providers, plus the citizens,” it mentioned. More on fibre in South Africa Immense win for fibre in South Africa R3.five billion in funding for DFA DFA acquires last mile company SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

5 Abilities That Will Make You a More Useful Filmmaker

value= There are tons of skills that will make you a better filmmaker, though have discovered these 5 skills to be invaluable. Here are 5 capabilities that I like to see in filmmakers I employ or 5 skill-sets he/she is willing to create. Watch the video above to see all 5 ideas and read the conclusion beneath to see the payoff of mastering these capabilities. 1. Knowing The best way to Stage Gear Staging gear is a beneficial step in production. Understanding how to stage gear makes things easier to find by way of the shoot and also help move production along. If the video above, I talk about how I advise you stage gear & specifically lights. 2. Being Subtle on Set This 1 is huge. No-one likes the loud guy who can not keep himself contained on set. Being subtle and quietly supporting your director is an invaluable skill. In the video, I speak about how this applies on set. three. Asking Questions I frequently appreciate a learner’s spirit in assistants and shooters. Asking questions really does 3 fantastic points. 1) it shows your boss that you are contemplating learning & not just a grunt searching for a paycheck. 2) Asking questions helps you study and improves your skills which makes you more useful to your boss and can permit you to raise your rates later. 3) Asking questions can help your boss study a think or 2. Oftentimes we don’t know why we do items, and that is just silly. 4. Being Relentlessly Observant This skill is GOLD. If you are relentlessly observant on set, you won’t find yourself getting let go or rejected as a shooter. Now, with this skill comes being subtle (Skill #2) so don’t be observant just to turn around & start yelling about troubles to any individual who will listen. In the video I talk about what this looks like. 5. Studying Your Boss If you study your boss & learn to meet their requirements before they ask, you will find yourself on all of their shoots. So subsequent time you are on set, observe how your boss likes his cables packed, lights staged & coffee doctored. This post could just sound like a list of approaches to suck up to your boss or director, but trust me when I say these capabilities go far beyond that. Today you could find yourself doing these factors as an assistant, however one day you could find yourself on set as a director. Then you will need to know how to have your crew stage gear. You will have mastered the art of being a subtle director. You will know how to ask questions and discover new methods for doing items. You will be a master of observation and nothing will get past you. And finally, you will be in a position to study and serve your boss well & that boss won’t be a director, it’ll be the story. SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

VIDEO Are you aware Your Land Line Phone Number? Relish Says No

value= The London focused remedied wireless (4G) broadband ISP, Relish (British Isles Broadband Ltd.), has today released an fascinating if not especially scientific piece of promotional material that entails a representative from the provider providing £50 to anybody who really knows their land line telephone number. The stunt is as you can imagine developed to highlight the high fee of fixed phone line rental, which most people only take due to the fact they need it for home broadband & Relish’s service doesn’t require a fixed line (wireless providers do not need home phone lines). We can to be sure see a variety of challenges with this PR, not least that the respondents could have just just stated “Yes” (even if they did not know) and run off with the £50. But if asked to validate their number first then a number of people might have similarly preferred not to hand it over to a stranger with a camera (privacy). The sample size was also quite minimal. Never the less we know that countless men and women will share the sentiment about line rental’s elevating cost and irrelevance, at least as a phone (voice) service, to modern customers. Separately other study commissioned by Relish discovered that.. – Almost half of Londoners only keep their home phone so they can access the web – Practically 40% of Londoners don’t know their own home phone quantity – 56% do not know how much they are paying for their landline each month – Over half ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ use their home telephone to make calls – 65% of grown-ups admit that landlines are a thing of the past SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

NAIL ART I Half Matte Chevron

value= Every time I go to get a mani, I adhere to white because I like a blank canvas for nail art, although after seeing this pin, I was dying to try my own version! I opted for a clear coat gel manicure for the negative space, after which began playing around with my preferred nail art tool, electricians tape. To make a chevron pattern, I painted with black matte nail polish, but added a top coat to the bottom triangle to give it a few shine. For a little added interest, I inverted the ring finger, & added many white! Look into these DIY Jewelry Trays here. Rings by Hannah Naomi. DIY Name Bracelet here. SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

IPredator runs the greatest Tor Exit Node & it is broke the 100MB/sec barrier. Check their HOWTO to see how they did it.

value= Guard your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. Get Tor. This subreddit is for news, questions, opinions and suggestions about Tor. Community guidelines: Posts concerning the non-technical aspects of Tor’s hidden services – such as individual .onion sites and their content – belong in /r/onions. Posts concerning criminal marketplaces may be removed from /r/Tor. News articles that don’t mention Tor are ordinarily off-topic; /r/Tor is not for general news about privacy or security. How you can start off Download the Tor Browser Bundle Install Start it. You’re done. It is that easy! Links Predominantly Asked Questions about Tor Tor overview – realize where Tor came from & how it works Join the Tor network by running a relay or bridge, risk-free The Tor Blog Donate – Your assistance is imperative to the Tor Project’s success Tor Stack Exchange – question & answer site Related subreddits /r/onions – all about Tor’s hidden services /r/tails – the Tails operating system helps preserve anonymity /r/netsec – security news & discussion /r/privacy – privacy & freedom in the info age /r/FreeSpeech – freedom of speech /r/i2p – I2P, anonymity strategy with similarities to Tor /r/Namecoin – Namecoin, decentralized DNS /r/tor is not managed or endorsed by The Tor Project. SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

FTTP on its way & live in Surrey by way of Openreach

value= Homepage » News Archive » View News Item 6678 The County Council & BT project in Surrey was spotted by ISPreview delivering some FTTP infrastructure in Hascombe recently, we can report that it is not just Hascombe although other minimal areas of the county are also getting FTTP & many areas look to be live & providing a service to those that order.         (click image for bigger size)         (click image for larger size) The 2 photos above were taken in Felcourt (RH19 2LE) & show the beginnings of a FTTP roll-out, with the fibre tubing waiting on being connected to fibre tubing running in the ducts locally. Nearby Godstone has one or two postcodes with FTTP accessible to order, with the rest of the village utilising FTTC, however we know of a number of postcodes outside the core village where distance will cut back FTTC speeds significantly. Capel is an additional rural part of Surrey with several FTTP (e.g. RH5 5HL), although this may be by way of the commercial roll-out. It will be fascinating to watch out for more FTTP arriving from the a range of projects. Whether the extension contracts will be in a position to fund even more FTTP will depend on a lot on the relative take-up levels & perceived success of utilizing it within the council teams. Regrettably one complaint we have heard from men and women is that where Openreach GEA-FTTP is rolled out, the retail provider choice is incredibly limited for the average consumer, since of the substantial 4 providers only BT Consumer sell it. This isn’t a exclusive complaint to Openreach, we have observed similar complaints for some alt-net deployments & this is the result of the success of LLU & folks becoming used to picking and picking out their retailers instead of being limited by the connectivity medium. [ Topic: Broadband | 0 comments | link to this item ] Digg this Add to You must be logged in to post comments. Click here to login. SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

The best way to Enhance the 1 Thing You Can’t Blog Successfully Without

value= Have you acknowledged that I do a excellent work at connecting with you? So much so that it feels like you in fact know me? It did not take place by accident. When I began Swift Sprout, my objective was to create such a robust bond with you that you would listen to the recommendations I gave you. On the flip side, when you tell me something, I listen to your input. In essence, we’ve built a virtual friendship. I’m here to help you, and you are here to help me. It’s been so effective that over the last 30 days, I received 9,572 emails from you. I responded to 7,837 of those emails. In turn, the Rapid Sprout blog has received 106,516 comments in total. It’s not just with Quick Sprout either. I have started one other marketing blog on, which gives you step by step tactics on many different internet advertising topics. Albeit the weblog is new, & I have no email list, I’m already getting remarkable engagement. So, how do you replicate this growth in engagement with your blog readers? All you are compelled to do is follow the steps beneath: Step #1: Open up When you read a weblog, how much do you genuinely know concerning the person behind the blog? Exceptionally little, right? If you are lucky, the blogger may have a bio along with a photograph of herself in the sidebar… yet that’s pretty much it. You can not anticipate your audience to connect with you in case you don’t open up. You can achieve this by way of an About page. Not one that is about your blog or your company, though about you… the individual behind the weblog. In case you have a corporate weblog, you could develop an About page for each author on your blog. To create an effective About page, you ought to consider doing the following: Tell your complete story – from birth to today, give details of your life. Do not hold back – from the moments you’re ashamed of to the moments you are proud of, share them all. It will permit folks to get to know all sides of you. Include a picture – individuals will not have the ability to connect with you unless they can see you. You can place a photograph of yourself on your About page, or you could create a cartooned version like I have. Speak about your goals – just like you are helping your readers with your content, they too can allow you. Discuss your future plans and objectives inside your About page. Mine is to start a non-profit 1 day. Should you wish to see an example of a fantastic About page, have a look at mine. It has 1,000 comments on it. The page is so useful that when I travel around the world to speak, people mention aspects of my life, which they got from my About page. Step #2: Care about your readers Your readers are men and women. In the event you are not willing to help them out and go above & beyond of what’s expected of you, how could you anticipate them to stick around? A easy way to show that you care is to respond to comments. Every time a reader has a question, ensure you answer it. But don’t cease there. You will need to be doing the same throughout the world wide web. From responding to random questions on Twitter to giving detailed answers on Quora, it is everything about helping others out. Some of those you help will in the end turn into readers & share your content. Additionally to helping them with topics associated to your weblog, you should also attempt to help your readers with their private challenges. For instance, I had 1 reader who was attempting to save his dog last Christmas and couldn’t afford the surgery the dog necessary. The reader didn’t ask me for help, nevertheless he did ask if I had any strategies about how he could raise money for the surgery. So, I gave him the idea of crowd funding – asking others to donate. He was only in a position to raise a few hundred bucks out of $3,500 he needed. So, I just wrote him a check for the distinction. Helping your readers doesn’t must involve revenue either. For example, yet another Swift Sprout reader was looking for a night-time work within the Seattle area. I connected her with 1 of my pals who owns a bar, and she got hired. I could tell you loads of more stories like these. Although you get the point: I relate to my readers like they are my family. Granted, I can’t help resolve all of your complications, nevertheless I do try to help. & I know you would be there for me if I necessary your help. Doing more than what’s expected of you shows that you care. & once you care for your readers, they will do whatever they can when you need help. Step #3: Create an open line of communication What’s the one page that most blogs do not have? It’s a Contact page. Why? Due to the fact most bloggers don’t want to be disturbed. I take a different approach. You could find my phone quantity online in case you Google it, & I’ve a contact page where you could reach out to me. And yes, it goes directly into my inbox, and not my assistant’s. If you don’t have an open line of communication with your readers, it will limit how several of them you’ll in essence get to know. & should you are strapped for time like I am, tell folks what they shouldn’t contact you about to help minimize the number of emails you get. Just look at my Contact page: it is a friendly infographic. I even tell you to not waste your time contacting me in case you are considering pitching a PR story to me or wish to advertise on Quick Sprout. If you aren’t willing to get emails from your readers, then you should not weblog. Blogging isn’t a one-way street, where you shove information down people’s throats and hope that they purchase something from you. It’s a two-way street. Help others, and you’ll see an increase in traffic and sales as a result of your goodwill. Step #4: Do not ever anticipate something If I did not make a penny from blogging, it wouldn’t bother me. Why? Because I don’t weblog for any monetary benefit. I weblog due to the fact I love helping and connecting with men and women. This might sound foolish to you, but the thing that makes me the happiest in life is seeing a smile on someone’s face. However I can’t see your smile through the computer, I do delight in getting thank-you emails. That is why I weblog. I love making other folks content. Yes, you can make money from blogging, although if that is your primary objective, you’re already starting on the inaccurate foot. Most popular blogs in this space, such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Copyblogger, and Moz, all started because they wanted to fill a void in the marketplace & help others. They do make income now, but it is a side impact of helping others. Conclusion In case you do all the points I mentioned above, you won’t just gain readers, but you will also gain friends. These friends could or may not spend any money with your business… & that’s all right. But if you are unable to convert your readers into friendships, you’ll find that your blog will not prosper in traffic, and you will in all probability generate modest to no cash from it. Don’t start a blog to gain more visitors to your site. Develop one to construct friendships. So, what else do you need to have on your blog to be sure it thrives? SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

J.D. Power & Associates Tie Vote! Hemorrhagic Fever vs. Comcast vs. Time Warner Cable

Take Comcast’s affair with J.D. Energy & Associates, for example. In Comcast’s filings with regulators, it’s incredibly proud that J.D. Energy cited Comcast for the most improvement of any cable operator scored by the survey firm. Comcast touted the truth it had managed to enhance its Television satisfaction score by a whopping 92 points and Net satisfaction was up a respectable 77 points. (Comcast didn’t mention the fact J.D. Energy rates firms on a 1,000 point scale or that it took the cable company four years to eke out those improvements.) Last month, J.D. Power issued its newest ranking of telecommunications institutions &… well, the love is gone. If client alienation was an Olympic event, J.D. Power awarded tie gold medals to each Comcast and Time Warner Cable for their Kafkaesque race to the bottom. The survey of consumer satisfaction largely found only dissatisfaction everywhere in the country J.D. Energy looked. While Comcast likes to cite its “consumer-oopsies-gone-viral” blunders as “isolated incidents,” J.D. Energy finds them epidemic nationwide. The highest rating across television & broadband categories accomplished by either cable company was ‘Meh.’ J.D. Energy diplomatically scored each cable businesses on a scale that started with “among the finest” as simply “the rest.” Customers in the west were the most charitable, those in the south & eastern U.S. indicated they were worked to their last nerve. “The ability to provide a high-quality experience with all wireline services is crucial as performance and reliability is the most vital driver of overall satisfaction,” said Kirk Parsons, senior director of telecommunications, in a statement. Having competition accessible from a high-scoring provider also demonstrates what is achievable when a company in fact tries to care about customer service. In the same regions Comcast fared about as widely known as hemorrhagic fever, WOW! Cable and Verizon FiOS easily took top honors. Even AT&T U-verse scored far higher than either cable company, mainly since AT&T offers especially aggressive promotional packages that include a lot for a comparatively low fee. Other cable and smaller phone businesses didn’t do especially well either. Frontier and CenturyLink both earned dismal scores & Charter Cable only managed modest improvement. The two satellite tv businesses did fine in client satisfaction for television service, however it was the two greatest phone firms that managed the right scores for World wide web service. Amongst cable operators, only independents like WOW! (& to a lesser extent Cox) did well in the survey. If J.D. Power is the arbiter of good service Comcast seems to claim it to be, the ratings company just sent an immensely clear message that when it comes to merging Comcast and Time Warner Cable, something multiplied by zero is nonetheless zero. J

AS-Path Filtering

value= Before we enter into the how, let’s speak concerning the why. Based on the CIDR Report, the international IPv4 routing table sits at about 525,000 routes, it has doubled in size since mid 2008 and continues to press upwards at an accelerated rate. This momentum, which in my estimate began around 2006, will most likely never slow down. As network engineers, what are we to do? Confident, memory is as plentiful as we could ask for, however what of TCAM? On certain platforms, like the 7600/6500 on the Sup720 & even some of the ASR1ks we have already surpassed the limits of what they can deal with (~512k routes in the FIB). While it is doable to improve the TCAM available for routing data, there are other solutions that do not include replacing hardware just however. As far as I know, adjusting TCAM partitioning on the ASR1000 isn’t feasible at this time. Before I get too deep into this, I should clarify as countless of you (yes, I’m browsing you Fry) are asking yourselves why is an ISP running BGP on a 6500… Quite a few of my consumers are small ISPs or data centers that have little to no networking experience. They are the small guys attempting to provide high speed service to rural sections that genuinely need it. Most of these guys are three-4 person shops that have a ton of folks wearing a range of hats, & after investing the last decade working with them, I need to respect that. /soapbox AS Path Filtering My favorite solution to this challenge has been to filter out routes that have long AS Paths. This works especially well if you are receiving full tables + a default from your upstream providers. My thoughts have commonly been, less ensure path optimization for particularly brief AS Paths, and for something above 3 networks… who cares!? The example beneath uses AS path filtering and nearby preference to often make sure that we’re sending traffic, to destinations three networks or less away, out the correct path that we have. ip as-path access-list 100 permit ^[0-9]*$ ip as-path access-list 200 permit ^[0-9]* [0-9]*$ ip as-path access-list 300 permit ^[0-9]* [0-9]* [0-9]*$ ! ip prefix-list any seq 5 permit le 32 ! route-map ebgp-in permit ten match as-path 100 set local-preference 193 ! route-map ebgp-in permit 20 match as-path 200 set nearby-preference 192 ! route-map ebgp-in permit 20 match as-path 300 set neighborhood-preference 191 ! route-map ebgp-in deny 99 match ip address any ! router bgp 65100 bgp log-neighbor-adjustments neighbor remote-as 65011 neighbor route-map ebgp-in in neighbor 2.2.2.two remote-as 65022 neighbor two.2.two.2 route-map ebgp-in in ! As you can see, we are working with a route-map to filter updates from our peer. Inside our first statement we are using a match statement on AS-Path ACL 100, which has a usual expression to match updates with a single AS quantity in the AS-Path. Our set statement is used to modify the nearby-preference on those routes well above the default 100. While the BGP finest path selection algorithm would undoubtedly prefer these routes in accordance with their AS-Path, personally I like overriding all nearby-preference settings all through my configs to suit the desires of the business. I also commonly set BGP Communities on these prefixes to aide in identification of applied policy. However I digress. This continues on in the subsequent statement, matching an AS-Path length of 2, & setting a slightly lower neighborhood-preference. & once again in the 3rd statement, till we reach statement 99, which is configured to deny any other routes from being learned. Forklifting Additionally to the routing table limitations, the sheer level of load that running BGP adds to the CPU in your 6500/7600 series is going to be the last nail in the coffin, & I absolutely realize and agree. And because I understand a good deal of of you which are nonetheless on those platforms want an cost-effective option, I have good news for you. The ASR 9001 has a scaled down 60gbps strengthen that comes in at a rather reasonable price, which will need to be rather reasonably priced after you factor in trade-in value on your legacy platform. Not only will the ASR 9k definitely blow the doors off your 7600 right out of the box, however it must last you a rather lengthy time, as it is scalable to 120gbps. As for it is routing capabilities, it shares the same IOS-XR platform as the bigger ASR 9ks, and has plenty of memory to assistance millions of routes. Network engineer right now servicing the enterprise data center sector. I started working on networks in the ’90s & still feel like that was just quite a few years ago. Jack of all trades, master of none; I love to study about everything. Feel gratis to ask me about photography, woodworking, nhra, watches, or 3x Gold ETFs — For feedback, please leave a comment on the write-up in question, & I’ll joyfully moderate it a range of weeks later. For everything else which includes fan mail or death threats, contact him by way of twitter. Associated Posts BGP Essentials – The Art of Path Manipulation Most enterprise networks use BGP to peer with their World-wide-internet Service Providers if they want… Cisco VOIP Fundamentals – Cisco Dial Plans This really is the 3rd part of my Cisco voip fundamentals series. ( Parts 1, 2… My Cisco Live 2011 Schedule I finished up most of my registration for #cl11 yesterday and figured I would put… More BGP tricks At times, the ‘rules of BGP’ do not fit the desires of our productions networks. When… Policy Based Routing Policy based routing is the process of altering a packets path decided by criteria other… SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

Boston Wraps Up Its Best Venture Capital Quarter Since 2009

In Boston startups managed to haul in over $1.two billion in venture financing in 142 offers for the last quarter, marking the strongest fundraising environment for Boston tech start ups since back in 2009. Taking the pole position in Boston’s tech resurgence is the online home furnishing retailer Wayfair, which raised $157 million ahead of a planned original public offering later this year. The company is a bit of an outlier in Boston’s technology scene, where biotech, clean technology, & life sciences startups have hoovered up most of the massive financing rounds in recent years.

Still the company’s success plus the recent public providing for hold out the promise of a brand new wave of consumer-facing tech innovation coming out of Beantown.  And while the Care public offering caused consternation in a number of corners  over Boston’s tech scene and the coverage it receives, the start ups in the city are flourishing in various sectors. One need only look at Boston’s start up map on Techscene to see how robust the tech ecosystem in Boston remains. And, as with San Francisco, start up businesses are moving back from the exurbs to take up space in the greater metropolitan area .

Beyond Wayfair’s substantial round, start ups like the data storage company Actifio managed to join the billionaire club for start ups; while application checking company, uTest , and the security company  Bit9  also raised large new rounds of funding. In truth, fewer than half of the companies among the top ten start ups by capital commitment in the very first quarter were from the life sciences sector, which points to the potential for diversity among the city’s tech scene.